We conduct appraisals for:

  • insurance
  • estate settlement/probate/tax
  • charitable giving/donation deduction
  • damage claims
  • pre-sale estimates
  • equitable division of property for divorce, etc.

The process of an appraisal starts with the appraiser inspecting the items. The appraiser takes photos, measures the items and takes in all pertinent information. After that, the real work begins. The appraiser conducts appropriate research on the items contained in the appraisal and the state of the current market. Then a written report is prepared. Two copies of the report are sent to the client.

Sometimes, a verbal approximation of value (VAV) is what a client needs. The VAV is not to be used for official purposes, but may serve your needs in the event that you “just need an idea of what it’s worth.” Sometimes we conduct VAVs for giving a family an idea of how to divide items somewhat equitably, for a possible price to ask when selling an item, for having an idea of what an inherited item might be worth. It is very important to stress that a VAV cannot be used for official purposes.

Appraisal and VAV time is charged on an hourly basis. Expect to pay a one hour minimum rate and to pay a deposit at that initial visit. You will also be expected to pay for all work done prior to receiving the written report. Call for the current hourly rate.

Additional expenses which will be charged to the customer include travel time, postage to mail report, parking if applicable, long distance phone charges, additional copies of the report, associate’s time if necessary and other direct expenses.

If you become involved in legal proceedings and need Heirloom Appraisal to defend the appraisal report, time spent preparing for and testifying in court, will be billed at the regular hourly rate.